Case Study

Global Food Services Company

Employee Benefits & Rewards

Started in 1976

4500 internationally

The Challenge
Whilst implementing a cultural strategy alongside our commercial plans, it became clear that the team needed to communicate more effectively.

Our senior management team meetings were not delivering the outcomes we required. We needed to understand why communication problems arose.

Communication is now clearer, faster and cleaner 40
Meetings are shorter 50
Decisions are quicker and more accurate 60
Employee engagement and ‘buy-in’ to our vision 70
Respect for different styles 80
Internal relations have improved 90

The Solution

Each individual completed their indicator prior to attending a series of workshops, which helped them understand we all communicate differently depending upon our own unique predispositions. This challenged them to understand their preferred styles of communication and become increasingly aware of other perspectives and to then tailor their response accordingly. All the individual results were then mapped so that everyone could clearly see the different perspectives.

Why Perfect Teams?
The team needed a clear objective solution and the Perfect Team process provided it by showing that the management team had very different communication preferences. Just knowing this meant they could be helped to understand how and why they each communicated as they did.


Results – Commercial
Communication overall is clearer, faster, cleaner and more effective.
Proposals are put into simple formats that can be viewed easily by all types with detailed information for thinking types and short summaries for instinctive types. Everyone on the board gets documents in a format suited to their style which means meetings are shorter and decisions are made faster and more accurately.

Results – Cultural
As change is driven through the business, Perfect Teams is a key tool in achieving ‘buy-in’ and employee engagement in the vision.
Internal relations have improved as every member of staff can apply the techniques learned to all their conversations.

Their budget was £144 per delegate. With 96 candidates, 8 workshops, team maps, plus the necessary briefing and consultancy, this project came in at just under £12,000 – or £124 per person.


‘Perfect Teams has had such an impact. All 96 of our employees have taken the online indicator and participated in one of eight workshops. The mapped results have been integral in us looking at how we function as a team and how we can improve our internal communications to become better at what we do.’

Ian G. – MD – Global Food Services Division