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People from the following organisations have experienced the Perfect Teams process in part or fully.

People from the following organisations have experienced the Perfect Teams process in part or fully.


Our goal is to profile someone from every country in the world by 2022. To date we have profiles from 28 countries and have 168 to go.


“Perfect Teams is proving really useful in terms of understanding our less than perfect teams! The core methodology is simple, and the reports present the output in a very graphic way. As a result, people quickly grasp their preferences and what these mean for the way they think and communicate. We have used these reports to help people understand why they may be struggling with certain relationships, and how they can work better together by accommodating each other’s differences. The team maps, which visually plot the preferences of team members, have helped us work out why teams may be behaving as they are, making decisions as they do, and what they might need to do to achieve their goals. Perfect Teams is ‘Simple, Clear and Effective’.”

Vicki Webb, Director of HR and Training - Family Building Society

“What I like about the Perfect Teams profiling tool is that it’s designed by an engineer rather than a psychologist. Having seen a number of these tools, what really appealed to me was that I quickly understood the 12 characters, and this has enabled me to utilise the results for myself and how I interact with others. Perfect Teams has given me the ability to see the different types of characters I work with and adapt my method of communication to suit. I found it extremely valuable to understand my own character and strengths. This has helped to formalise some of the things I instinctively warm to. I now know how I think, process data and work with others”.

Rob Boll, Managing Director - Evoke Management

“Neil introduced us to Perfect Teams to help us look at the effectiveness of our Partnership Group. The results were extremely interesting, and it has meant we are more focused on what will make the partnership work as effectively as possible. The other major benefit was the increase in awareness of how different people work in different ways. This has meant that communication has improved, and the partnership is more cohesive.”

Katy Cobbold, Head of HR - Wilson Wright

“The Perfect Teams approach has enabled us to get a deep understanding of our communication styles as individuals and how these styles influence our interactions within the team and with our stakeholders. Their workshop provided great clarity on how to develop an effective strategy to improve our effectiveness. The Perfect Teams methodology is very easy to implement and leads to immediate results.”

Group Audit Executive, Global Financial Services Company
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