Celebrating 25 years of positive thinking.

Jul 5, 2022

The 25th Anniversary Edition of The A-Z of Positive Thinking, by Neil Tuson, will be available from the 6th September 2022.

“Perfect Teams require positive leaders. Learn how to develop an unsinkable attitude with this gem of a book.”

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The Press

The A-Z of Positive Thinking is definitely a good idea… It tells us that there are three times as many negative words as positive ones. The important ones – the positives – are listed and are called ‘antidotes to negativity’. This book is a good introduction to positive thinking.’ 
Women’s Health Magazine

‘Examples of how to think positively and banish negative feelings. Putting the positive words together will make you giggle. The overall effect of the book is uplifting.’
Daily Mail – Book of the Week

‘A call to accentuate the positive… Excuses and negative thinking are diseases that can blight your life according to this book that promotes positive words as the antidote. Positive words are the essential medicine, the cure, to give you the power of positive thought.’ 
Farmers Weekly – Editor’s Choice

Readers Quotes


‘Very clever and well written.’
Jean McCulloch

‘I stopped in the middle of writing a speech. I was frustrated, anxious, lost for ideas – until I dipped into your book. It got me back on track. It’s Excellent, Accomplished, Fulfilling, Happy, Invaluable, Invigorating, Masterful, Powerful, Profound and Therapeutic. Thanks – Carpe Diem.’ – 
Ian MD, Reliance Group

‘It is a truth that personal fulilment is linked to the degree of control people feel they have over their own lives. This book helps people gain that control.’
Nic MD, Serial Entrepreneur

‘It made me laugh.’
Linda MD, Packaging Team


It’s intriguing. I couldn’t put it down. I had to read it to the end.’
Stefan – Owner, Eurostat Group

‘It made me want to pick it up and read it again. In fact, I’m going to do just that tonight.’ 
Ashley – MD, LA Design

‘It made me smile. It made me laugh. I couldn’t put it down.’ 

‘This book has helped me write that letter, make that phone call.’ 

‘I find your book so exciting and so wonderfully helpful. I have read it again and again and each time find deeper wisdom, a pearl of great price, or a light shining out of a particular sentence or phrase.’ 

‘There is no doubt your book is food for thought for the hungry – fulfilling a great need.’ 

‘Enlightened people lead us back into truth… I believe you are such… you truly must go on with your work. You are a lighthouse in a storm-tossed sea.’ 

‘I thank you for your book. It enabled me to give a push to a boulder on my own road. Now I can go a little further along the path.’ 

‘I thought it a pity some of the best passages were right at the end – hidden away. But where else could they be? A true student/seeker will go right to the end and find them.’ 

‘I know you will rejoice in the transformation your book brought about in the daughter of a friend of mine. “She was 40. Her marriage was on the rocks. Her children were neglected. She had a wretched job. She was overweight, ungroomed and uncouth. She popped into see me last Friday. Had her son not been with her I would not have recognised her. She was full of light, beautiful, well-groomed, and happy. She has a wonderful new job and is considered the best. She is interested in and caring for her children. She has lost loads of weight. She told me, “Two years ago you gave me a small yellow book. I read it three times and decided I would do what it said and have done so faithfully ever since. Every morning, on getting out of bed, I go to my bathroom mirror and tell myself – ‘I am loving, beautiful and successful’. The results have been quite dramatic”. A wonderful transformation Neil…’ 

‘I began to read your ‘A-Z’ in the bath and did not realise until I got to the end that my bath was cold, the bubbles had dissolved, and I looked like a prune! I was so captivated and empowered by this. What an incredible gift!’ 

‘I found your book very inspiring. It will help me a lot in the future as I start my career as a hospital doctor. Thank you.’ 

‘After reading your book I have done three things. 1. Written an article based on Living, Laughing, Loving and Learning. 2. Helped lift my girlfriend out of a deep gloom. 3. Cheered up my grandma after her recent bereavement. Your book has a good effect on people.’ 

‘I love the ‘A-Z’. It was amazing how answers can appear from nowhere just by opening it on a random page. The happy, healthy, horny and holy combination is definitely a reframe on life!! – I am full of admiration.’ 

‘Your ‘A-Z’ was a joy to read. It is a perfect gift and a complete insight.’ 

‘Thank you: for writing your valuable, happy book. Smiling is important to me and your positive antidotes make me smile. Let’s smile some more and make the world a happier place.’ 

‘This book is easy to read, flows well and has excellent, strong relevant content.’ 

‘I like this book very much and always have it by my side for regular reading.’ 

‘This book is absolutely marvellous, and I refer to it often. Thank you for sharing your experiences.’ 

‘This is a very fine book. It gave me great pleasure and I was very impressed. It helps restore the old ‘Joie de vivre’. I believe this book will be a great success.’ 

‘Good book – Sensible stuff.’ 

Amazon – Readers Feedback: 4.7 / 5 STARS

‘Wonderful insight – this book changed my thoughts.’
Marc – 4 STARS

‘As human nature has it, we tend to tell ourselves what we cannot achieve instead of what we can. Neil’s short but concise book turns around the negative thought process. Brilliant inspiration into life’s wonders and what we make of them… all in words and how we use them. Recommended for those, who want to be reborn.’ 

‘I bought this book for myself a long time ago and it has brought so much into my life even though it is only a small book. It is pure positive thinking in its very essence. You can have books that dilute it and wafle on but why? When here is the very book, you need. I am now on here to buy this book for my teenage daughter as mine, as so many of my best books, has been borrowed – never to be returned.’ 
Bojo – 5 STARS

‘I have bought a number of these little books for different people and like it very much.’ 
Molly – 5 STARS

‘If you are interested in the effects of your thoughts on your life, this is a fab book to carry around in your pocket, so that you can refer to it when you slip into negative thinking mode. If you change your vocabulary, you are in effect changing your mind. A good, zippy, to-the- point book.’ 
Shine – 5 STARS

‘Love this book – One of the best.’ 
Sam 5 – STARS

‘Positive words – I positively know it will help!’ 
Bas 4 – STARS

‘Your book encapsulates your attitude to life. It has changed my life. I love it !’
Caroline – 5 STARS 

Article by:

Neil Tuson

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