Creating world-class teams internationally – could you be next?

Apr 6, 2022

How our first international licensee, a consultant in South Africa, is creating world-class teams, and what that means for you.

Since the launch of Perfect Teams in 2014, we have been primarily focused on delivering for our clients- supporting organisations to build world-class teams.

While our application has been used by leading companies across 30 countries to date, our goal is to support organisations from every country in the world by 2024.

Coupled with this, the pandemic, changing dynamics around team management, and the recent increasing numbers of self-employed consultants, has led to a number of conversations about our international expansion.

In this article, we highlight how our first international licensee is creating world-class teams utilising the Perfect Teams process and application.

This article will also identify the impact that she is already having, and what that means for her clients’ teams- and yours too.


Following 15 years as an internal consultant at a large multi-national, our first international licensee, Erika Harley, based in South Africa, was in the early stages of growing her consultancy business.

With her company focusing on organisational development with particular focus on change management, business strategy and performance, she instantly saw the value of the Perfect Teams application.

Much like many of the consultants we are speaking to at the moment, Erika is looking to grow her business and provide added value for her clients.


Throughout her career, Erika understood that especially for scaling businesses, the people in their teams, and their communication, both need to be key priorities, alongside processes.


Erika’s business is working with organisations of different sizes across many sectors. Below we have highlighted two examples of how she has been able to support her clients to build their world-class teams.

1) A scaling data centre business with thinly stretched employees:
One of Erika’s current clients is a data centre, an industry where there is huge growth.
While the company was growing when they initially engaged with her, the pace of the growth meant that people struggle to keep up.
Lacking the required skills as a direct result of exponential growth, compounded the challenge. As an example, the best technicians were being promoted to become team leaders/ supervisors/ managers, despite not having the appropriate skills to manage teams.
By utilising the Perfect Teams profiling tool with the operations team, it started a conversation about the strengths they each had, and the gaps that needed to be plugged- the types of people that were missing from their team.
2) A high end, private hotel in need of a staff reshuffle:
In comparison to the data and technology sector, the hospitality sector has been severely affected by covid and the lockdowns. One of Erika’s other clients, a high-end, private hotel in Cape Town, had felt the full force of those restrictions.
Many of the front-line staff had either lost their jobs or moved to different industries, and as business was picking up it fell to the senior managers to cover those front-line roles- in the short term at least.
Balancing those new roles alongside their existing responsibilities had caused issues within the team, and many felt like they were running around like headless chickens, with no strategy.
By implementing the Perfect Teams application among this team, Erika was able to identify the best people for each of the roles and provide recommendations on who to shift where.


In addition to the cases above, there have been further benefits for Erika’s clients, and her business has benefited too, because of the added value she is providing.

1) What additional value have her clients seen?

We have previously commented on the importance of improving on psychological theory from the 1900s, and it is likely that you will have heard of (or even used) the other, established profiling tools on the market.

Like many of our clients, one of the people working with Erika was initially apprehensive about the Perfect Teams profiling tool, because he had previously been profiled using other tools.

Following his experience of the Perfect Teams profiling tool though, he commented about how much better he found the experience, how much simpler the outputs were, and that he had a plan for what to do following the workshop.

2) What has been the impact on Erika’s business?

Turning to the impact that Perfect Teams has had on her business, Erika told us that she has been able to offer it to every client,
so they get additional value from her services.

Looking at the financial returns too, she told us that despite the pandemic slowing down the sector during 2021, her business is on track to achieve- and likely exceed- a 200%-300% return on investment within the first 18 months-2 years of incorporating Perfect Teams into her business.

She also told us that based on the clients she is now working with, and others she is speaking to, that return on investment is on course to grow exponentially over the coming months and beyond.

How could Perfect Teams support your business?

To start creating world-class teams in your organisation, book into our next complimentary workshop.

Among other things, we will identify how to get your team to love the office again.

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Article by:

Neil Tuson

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