Shortcut the mile in someone else’s shoes: What your team could learn from another of our licensees

May 17, 2022

How a growing consulting business is building their perfect team and supporting clients to do the same- and what that means for you.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together.

That is a statement that our company lives by each and every day because of our goals.

One of those is that by 2024, we will have supported organisations from every country in the world to build their perfect teams.

To achieve that though, we cannot do it alone. We need advocates.

In our last article, we highlighted how our first international licensee is creating world-class teams by utilising the Perfect Teams process and application- and identified what that means for your teams too.

In this article, we highlight how another of our licensees, a growing consulting business, is building their own world-class team and supporting their clients to do the same. We will also identify what that means for their clients’ teams- and for yours too.

A growing consulting business:

To provide some context, one of our licensees, Evoke Management, are a team of consultants who work with ambitious, growing businesses, to provide financial, strategic and business expertise on a part-time basis.

When our founder first interacted with Evoke, it was with founder Rob Boll, who was starting to grow the business based on his experience advising fast-growing small and medium enterprises.

As Evoke has grown, they now have a Perfect Teams champion who works directly with clients to implement our process and application.

Making their recruitment process more efficient:

Evoke now has a team of 30 people, and for the most recent additions, the Perfect Teams application formed part of the recruitment process.

Speaking to Rob about his experience of this, he explained that by asking candidates to complete the short Perfect Teams indicator his team has an understanding of the person’s character before meeting them.

He told us that it supports his team in identifying whether the person will be suitable for the role or not, and that it helps them to reduce the time invested in their recruitment process.

How efficient is your recruitment process? To find out how we could help you implement the process Rob and Evoke have, contact our founder today.

Are you scaling or looking at succession planning?

Two of the key services that Evoke Management helps clients with is scaling and succession planning.

With both of these, the Perfect Teams application has become part of their process.

Following conversations with key members of the Evoke team, below we have outlined how that application has impacted their clients, and what that means for you too.

It is about conversations:

Whether you are in the early stages of scaling a business, recruiting for a growing team, or promoting as part of succession planning, it all starts with a conversation- or a series of conversations.

These tend to be conversations about work that needs to be done and structures that need to be implemented, about applicants during the recruitment process, or about specific individuals being identified for promotions.

Pre-empting potential issues when succession planning:

Anyone running a business, in a leadership role or managing a team, has to be quite well-rounded in their approach to situations and challenges.

Some of that comes with time and experience, but speaking to the Evoke team they said that a real benefit of utilising the Perfect Teams application was that it highlights someone’s natural leadership style, identifies gaps, and outlines how they can improve before challenges appear.

The more understanding you have of someone’s potential leadership style early on, the more likely you are to pre-empt potential issues, such as Gerald Ratner’s comments in 1991, because you will be able to surround them with people that support them in the areas they need.

A growing digital agency with communication challenges:

When one of Evoke’s most recent clients, a growing digital agency, had engaged them, a key challenge was communication between team members.

By implementing the Perfect Teams application, and running the associated workshops with the teams, a conversation started between the team members- specifically focusing on the outputs of the application.

By discussing each other’s preferred communication styles, it enabled the team members to understand each other much better, and since the workshops their communication has significantly improved.

One member of the team, for example, said that the workshop demonstrated the value of a well-balanced team, and identified potential gaps.

Their return on investment:

Speaking to the Evoke team about the return on investment this agency achieved as a result of their work, they told us that by implementing the Perfect Teams application alongside Evoke’s core services, productivity within the agency had hugely improved, along with internal communication.

While the Evoke team were tasked with organising internal processes at the growing agency, a combination of this and the workshops mentioned above have helped improve the revenue of the agency by around 25%, partly because they are more efficient and productive.

Removing the need to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes:

Communication within teams and organisations is key, so understanding how each individual communicates helps to identify gaps that exist and strengths that need to be utilised.

It is said that to understand someone better you should walk a mile in their shoes.

In fact, as Evoke have found- particularly with their digital agency client- implementing the Perfect Teams application has helped to shortcut that mile, improve internal communication, and hugely increase productivity.

How could Perfect Teams support your business?

To start creating world-class teams in your organisation, book into our next complimentary workshop.

Among other things, we will identify how to get your team to love the office again.

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Article by:

Neil Tuson

Without taking that responsibility, individuals and teams are dependent on others, and we have found that this tends to drain energy from the organisation and holds them back.

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